Where Should Your Cat Live?


We all know how cats are. But most of all, we know they can go anywhere – without us knowing.

So, why not make your own cat house for your beloved pet? It will not only keep your cat near you, but also keep it safe from outdoor dangers. The only question is: where should your cat live? Or more specifically, what kind of house should your cat be in?

Here are some tips and ideas when making your own cat house:

Decide first if your cat/s will live indoors or outdoors.

This will help you identify and even set the right kind of ground rules for your cat. Here are two examples: indoor cats should have their own litter box, while outdoor cats can only roam around the backyard. Either way, deciding first if your cat will live indoors or outdoors will not only benefit it, but also you in the long run.

If your cat will live indoors, you can go for room-like cat houses.

Cats, or any other domestic pets for that matter, become a part of your family the moment you decide to care for them. Thus, why not make a room-like cat house for your beloved pet? It’s comfortable and safe enough, just like your very own bedroom.

You can also go for box-like cat houses.

Have you ever made forts with sofas and pillows before? Yeah, those were fun. How about seeing cardboard forts with abandoned pets in backstreets? It kinda feels gloomy, right?  Well, you can always turn fun and gloomy into comfortable and safe for your beloved pet via a box-like cat house.

There are also cat trees, cat towers, and scratching posts to consider.

Aside from going anywhere without us knowing, these fur babies also love to climb high places. So rather than making your pet go outside and climb trees or even get stuck up there and cause more problems than actual ones, why not make your own cat tree indoors for easy retrieving?

If your cat will live outdoors, you can go for catios.

For those unfamiliar with it, catios are outdoor cat houses – pretty much like bird cages, but only wider and more comfortable for domestic pets like cats. It can either be stand-alone or incorporated on a wall section of your house. Either way, your cat won’t need to go that far just to be comfortable and safe.

Make one for your cat now with air compressing!

Do you have any other tips and ideas when making your own cat house? Share them with us on the comments section below!

Some Cat Facts You Don’t Want To Miss


Meow, meow, meow…

Don’t you just love cats? Me, too!

They’re soft, cuddly, and purrs like you’re the only one who can touch and love them…

Thus, here are some cat facts you don’t want to miss:

  • There are more cats than dogs in the United States.
  • 70% of their lives are spent sleeping.
  • They can jump up to six times their length.
  • That explains why some can survive falls from up to 32 stories high.
  • A cat was Talkeetna, Alaska mayor for 15 years.
  • A cat ran for Mexico City mayor back in 2013.
  • The largest cat ever recorded is measured at 48.5 inches.
  • The oldest cat breed ever recorded is called Egyptian Mau.
  • Cats have been around since 3600 B.C, way before Egyptian Kings were born.
  • They are depicted as some kind of gods in Ancient Egypt, too.
  • When they die, however, they are mourned by their owners by shaving off eyebrows.
  • The richest cat ever recorded is worth $13 million.
  • Contrary to popular belief, cats are not supposed to drink milk or eat raw fish.
  • Mentally speaking…cats are more similar to humans than dogs, with 90% of their brain matching ours. They also have similar brain sections to humans, specifically the ones controlling emotions.
  • Socially speaking, though…cats are more introverted than dogs.
  • In the United States, black cats are considered bad luck. In the United Kingdom and Australia, however, they’re not.

And oh, did you know that a cat has been caught smuggling saws and drills into a Brazilian prison back in 2013? You don’t?

Police authorities were really surprised about the new technique to escape prison. They noticed that the cat has been going back and forth to prison cells. So when they finally got the chance to take a closer look on it, they found out that saws and drills were being attached to its stomach.

Lesson of the day: Never, ever let cats go near saws. But still, you should check out these saw reviews!