Unbelievable Cat Facts That You Probably Don’t Know

They are one of the most cutest creatures here on Earth. They serve as a good companion and a pet. Cuddly looking creatures. Of course you know what I am talking about. I am talking about cats. They are the most popular pets in the United States. They are even considered as godly by the Egyptians. Interesting? Let’s talk about more fun facts about these felines.

The World’s Richest Cat

There’s a cat that’s left with his owner’s fortune after he died. About 13 million dollars. I think that’s enough to buy him cans of tuna for the rest of his life.

Demonic Cats

Demonic Cats
“Who Do We Love? Satan!!” Said no cat ever.

During the reign of Pope Innocent VIII, he ordered the massacre of all the cats for the fact that he thinks that they are devil-spawned. How can you say that to a creature that looks so cute like that. Another bad news, it gave rise to the Black Death or Bubonic plague which killed merely 60% of Europe’s population. Why? Cats eat mice. That’s why.

Kitty On Space

There’s Laika the Space dog, then there’s Felicette. The first cat on space. She survived the trip, unlike Laika. Guess cats do have 9 set of lives.

Health Beneficial Feline

Yes, owning a cat can be healthy for you. It relieves stress and anxiety. Some even say that it reduces the chances of having stroke or heart attack. Pretty helpful cat if you ask me. Eats some mice and keeps you healthy. But it doesn’t mean that you own a cat, you will never experience circulatory problems. Eat healthy and drink healthy. Add some fruit juice into your diet. It is packed with rich vitamins and minerals. Tastes good too. If you want more information on blenders, you should probably visit this site.

They Don’t Have Night Vision

Cat Night Vision
I see you. You don’t see me.

This is a fallacy. Cats do need light to see in the dark. But they need it very minimal because their retinas can detect light at really low levels. If you lock your cat to a dark room, he probably doesn’t see anything either.


I hope you enjoyed reading this. Peace out to my fellow cat lovers!

The Perks of Living with a Cat


Non-cat lovers will probably find it curious how cats’ relationships with their humans work. Notorious for being aloof and independent, cats are quite unlike most affectionate, outgoing, and playful dogs. But common perception aside, living with a feline companion has a lot of perks. And here are just some of them.

Requires less attention

Like any pets, cats need care and attention. But they require fairly less of the latter for most of the time. You do not have to take them out for walks and they can pretty much take care of amusing themselves if they want to. This often leaves cat owners with time to focus on other pursuits like reading or learning new things.

Reduces stress

Pets in general help in reducing stress. And cats are no exception. Studies show that a cat’s purr can lower stress level and aids healing of muscles after an injury. Living with cat can also be good in reducing anxiety and keeping you calm.

Provides companionship

Cats may be independent, but it does not mean that they are not good at providing companionship. They may not appear hyperactive like some dog breeds that can shower you with love. However, cats have their own ways of showing their affection. They can be sweet when they start seeking attention and contact. They also know how to play. You just have to take notice of the telltale signs of what they want when they start making contact with you.

Teaches life lessons

Live with cats long enough and you will learn a thing or two from them. A cat lounging with seemingly no care in the world can teach you about the art of relaxation. Their constant napping and resting may appear like laziness. But that may not be the case every time you see them lying around doing nothing. Their stillness is just the flipside of their brand of playfulness. And indulging in both is something that humans can learn from them.