When and How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails


It’s important to cut your cat’s nails every ten to fourteen days. If your cat doesn’t want you to trim his or her claws, you should ask a veterinarian or a groomer to do it instead.

Step 1: Befriend her paws

cat paws

To do this, massage your cat’s paws for three seconds every other day, alternating the toe. Keep doing it until you can count to ten seconds while pressing its paws.

Step 2: Introduce the nail cutter

Nail Scissors Hygiene Nail Clippers Cut Nails

Clipping your cat’s nails is like painting indoors, you need to prepare everything you need before you proceed. And part of the preparation is introducing your kitten to the nail cutter.

You’ll know your cut is ready for some trimming if it is comfortable with the sound of clippers. It’s ideal to give your cat its favorite treat if it sniffs the cutter while you’re holding it gently. It’s an excellent way to tell your cat that the trimmer is a good friend.

Step 3: Trim those nails!

Claw cat

Once your cat gets comfy about the cutter, clip its nails by first placing the cat on your lap. Make sure it’s not facing you. Next, hold one of its toes, massage it, and press the toe pad until its nail extends. You also have to check where the quick begins (this is the pink portion of a cat’s nail where the blood vessels and nerves are). It’s important not to cut that sensitive part because your cat’s nails would bleed. Then, cut one nail, release its toe, and give it a treat. If your cat doesn’t notice your trimming, move on to the next nail. However, it’s best not to cut more than two nails in one sitting unless your cat doesn’t care at all. Always reward your cat after the trimming process.

Note: It’s recommended to cut only one paw at a time for the first two sessions.


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