Top 4 Famous Cats for Pets

#4 Siamese Cat

These cats are more demanding than your overly-attached lover. They demand attention like a baby, and even sounds like a crying baby! Even though they’re like that, Siamese cats are social and affectionate. These cats, that come in various colors, usually stick to a routine and their habits. They can be sensitive and edgy too. So if you love traveling or transferring from place to place, having a Siamese cat for a pet isn’t a good idea. You’ll know you’re dealing with a Siamese cat if they have dark patches on their paws, ears, face, and tail.

#3 Maine Coon Cat

Coming from Maine, this type of cat is the biggest of the domestic cat breeds. It usually takes around three to four years before a Maine Coon reaches full physical maturity. This breed is characterized by having large and wide paws, a thick fur, and a long, thick tail. If you want a cat that can get along with other animals including dogs, you better get yourself a Maine Coon cat. They’re also strong and healthy.

maine coon cat

#2 Exotic Shorthair Cat

As the short-haired version of our #1, the Exotic Shorthair cats are recognized for their flat face and rounded ears that appear like a teddy bear’s ears. These cats are livelier compared to their long-haired versions, and they are usually curious. They are also widely known for their calmness and ability to stay relaxed. Two more things you’ll love about them are they easy to groom and easy to pet because they don’t make a lot of demands.

exotic shorthair cat

#1 Persian Cat

And we’re down to our #1 popular cat! The Persian, characterized by its expressive eyes; long, silky fur; and a seemingly squashed face, is one of the oldest cat breeds. Persian cats are sweet, loving, and calm. I mean, just look at the picture! They also love their habits and usually hang out in peaceful environments. They’re lovely to pet, but you have to spend some time grooming them and giving them everyday baths. As indoor pets, they’re recommended for people who’d rather stay at home rather than spend some time someplace else.

Persian cat

Don’t forget to keep their outside houses clean! Use a pressure washer from to clean their residences and remove litters!

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